Bumbling Bee Clown

United States since 1995
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  • 20 hr

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This is a running character/routine that can be fit into a whole show.  The show it was designed for was all themed on insects, but this character's arc can be taken out and put into a new show.  Between the four segments, I have approximately 20 minutes of material.  I can create more, or create new material to feature into your show.

There are currently four scenes.  Theme music is Arkansas Traveler, otherwise known as the Bumblebee song.  When the bee tries to fly the band plays Flight of the Bumblebee. In the original version, as the show gets on, the music gets more and more ragged.  Eventually, the bee threatens the band with stinging if they don't play better.

The idea is that the bee wants to fly up to a flower to pollinate, but can't.  He spends the rest of the show (similar to the Coyote) trying different schemes to get up there. He is always thwarted.  At the end, through the help of the stagehands and a double pulley, he is flown up to the flower and has a happy ending.

A flower is flown up into the rigging.  The bee enters and tries to fly up to the flower.  He fails.  The ringmaster laughs.  The bee gets ready to sting him.  The Ringmaster stops him and says "Wait if a bee stings somebody, the bee dies!"  The bee stops.  The Ringmaster adds, "I think."  It turns into a bull/toro match (with appropriate music)  The bee crashes off stage.

The bee comes back with a large box that says Acme Flying Machine.  It's a nesting box routine, with each box having something funny to say.  At the end of the boxes is a propeller hat.  The Bee puts it on, but it doesn't work.  He gets an audience member/kid to put the hat on, but he won't go up there either.  Then the bee asks the kid to spin the propeller and runs around uncontrollably off stage with a big crash.

The bee comes in again with a teeterboard.  He wants to get somebody to jump on the teeterboard that will propel him up to the flower. He recruits one of the circus acrobats to do it.  After some comic business (including threatening the band)  The acrobats jump on the teeterboard, but it breaks in half.  The bee is too heavy. He has to find another way!

After an aerial act, the Bee tries to use the Aerialists rigging to fly up to the flower.  However, he can't pull himself up.  He recruits one stagehand, and then all the stagehands to come and help (and maybe some audience members)  With everybody pulling together, they are able to pull him up and get the flower! 

The End