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During the pandemic (2021), I filmed this 20-minute act as a part of a larger film produced by Circus of the Moon - a contemporary circus arts company based in Santa Cruz, California. The film was called 'Mr. Dark's Carnival' based on Ray Bradbury's book 'Something Wicked This Way Comes'. The film was selected for the 2022 Circus International Film Festival. I hope you enjoy my film within the film and my interpretation of the Dust/Blind Witch.

Performers (in order of appearance)
Mr. Dark: Alex Oliva

Dance Trapeze Trio: Emily Garber, Kelsey Keitges, Florence Jaffrain
Nurse: Laura Loop
Silks: Ramona Hutchinson
Strap Loops: Emily Garber

Chains: Emily Garber

Written, Directed, and Edited by Emily Garber
Filming and Special Effects Editing by Zach Kirshner


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