Clown & Ventriloquist G.Francesco Beeloo

Netherlands since 1987
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" Every day you do not smile is a day lost"

This Philosophy is the motto of Gilberto Francesco Beeloo.


Born in to a famous Dutch Variety & Circus Family, he is the 5th. generation.

Audiences from all around the World have enjoyed the outstanding performances

of Francesco.

He successfully toured in : France ,  scandinavia , Italy, England , Germany, Belgium , Austria, Spane and The Nederlans. 

With over 30 years of experiance , Gilbert Francesco Beeloo is One of the most renown Ventriloquists / Clowns and Entertainers.

In his unique comic puppet shows, he sings ,plays the Trompet and brings his Puppets to life.


He is a Born Clown , Vemtriloqist, Magicsion, Comic , singer , an all-round top entertainer.

Francesco presents a show for every occasion between five and sixty minutes.

The uomorous shows are great fit for a International audience !

Francesco can present his Act´s in English,German, Dutch,French and Italian,spanish.