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Démarche Dramaturgique (in the pre version the whole structure isn't included)

The basic structure of our performance is divided into 3 Chapters which fade into each other. The first chapter would be around the questions where do we come from? What is significant for us in our heritage? What are traditions and what do they provoke in the partner? During the creation time we were researching those questions. Furthermore we decided to change and mix our traditions to create unexpected moments and a less superficial and simple way to present traditions.

The transition between first and second chapter will take some time and is presented by taking off our traditional cloth progressively like the skin of an onion you peal off to reveal the inside. Meanwhile we take off our costumes the music will be two fast beating hearts which will become one slow heartbeat when we put off all our costume and are “naked” in a nude color costume in front of each other.

In the chapter two we want to show how two very different characters can become one unit which is very important in a duo and how we marched  together over the time working together. By more contemporary movements and a way of completing each other we create a very intime and intense atmosphere. This movement research is inspired by the Winterschool and the material of Albert Omoss our teacher showed us during the classes. The end of this serious moment will be our highest and most difficult trick the full twist to catch and fits very well in a moment of tension.

The transition to the third part of our act will be more direct and after the dynamic trick we break free into a happy and relieved mode supported by a music we love.

This last part is showing us and what we like about our heritage and what we have additionally beside those traditions. We want to create a likeable and energetic atmosphere to show our excitement towards the future and our happiness we found each other. A good mixture of dance, acrobatics and fun. To make this act complete with the title “deux deviens one” we want to finish by bringing those two worlds of the beginning towards each other and unite the arabic and german space.


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