Desire for Light

Belgium since 2019
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Desire for Light
Comedy LED Quick Change Act


A story where a duel turns into a duet,
and a fight becomes the desire for light!

A highly choreographed LED performance with object manipulation, costume quick-change,
and an epic cinematic ending.
Mara & Chris take the audience on a magical, musical and playful LED Light journey! They illuminate the stage with with 6000 single LEDs in 48 lamps. And mashed it up with classical entertainment elements to create this modern led qick change showpiece.

It’s an electric firework of colorful LED lights that move in perfect synchronization with the music and sound effects.

It’s a fight of light.
It’s a duel and a duet.
It’s a Desire for Light!

All the LED lamps are battery-powered and wireless! The LED act has been created to fit all kinds of stages, theatres, and circuses.

We are confident that our led show video will make you smile. Enjoy the led light show video.




“Their performances are seriously funny, varied, and entertain according to the values ​​of a true artist with heart and devotion. “ By My Workout Magazin

“The performance of the Norwegian GOP Prize Winner is one of the many highlights of the new show. “
German Newspaper

“ The Scandinavian Chris triggers a real storm of applause – the dynamic of his performance jumps over to the audience. “
The German Variety Magazine



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