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Dr. Bubbles & Team, soap bubble show, indoor stage show

Austria since 2009
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  • 20 hr

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Indoor stage show:
Dr. Bubbles enchants the audience and shows unbelievable skills with soap bubbles to delight any audience.
Soap bubbles with smoke, bubble sculptures, bubbles flying to the roof, and bubbles made with hands can be witnessed.
Also a person or product can be inside a bubble! Perfect for product launches!
A fantastic and magical sensation.
Indoor only!
As a main act: 30 minutes for family-events, for B2B there is a compressed show of 6-17 minutes, 2 x 10 minutes,
or to your demand.
Also 50 minutes shows as side-event to greet the guests are possible!

Successful bookings for gala diners, major events, cooperate celebrations, shopping malls, circus, family events,...
Also experienced for fairs, product launches, foto-shootings, commercials, TV-advertisements,...

Contact for booking:

Aramis Gehberger
[email protected]