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  • 30 min

Cast List


Don't watch the circus come be apart of it! Geoff Marsh’s physics-defying tricks and dangerous juggling stunts are pulled off with ease, but his personality alone can capture and intrigue each and every one of your guests! With as much heart as he has talent, Geoff will give you a show to remember when the kids become the star of the show: a witty, fun-filled, interactive performance of unthinkable yet hilarious juggling feats, musical plate spinning, audience participation, and much, much more!

Geoff Marsh has experience entertaining and traveling all over the world with his unique circus stunts and zany marionette puppets performing at family festivals, corporate events, Renaissance fairs, and private parties for over 15 years performing his 35-40 min show over 400 times a year.


Act includes 

5-1 comedy ball juggling act 

Mouthsitck Manipulation 

1-5 hat juggling routine

Musical Plate spinning act with 5 audience members 

plate, knife, sickle gyroscopic juggling stunt

Balance Washtub, Chair, and Broom 25ft face balance