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Are you feeling battered by life? Have you done everything you can and it still isn't enough?
Then this is one for all the triers out there!
Welcome, to the Heartbreak hotel.

A place of limbo, where the confusion of the outside world is paused for a hot second, while you drink your annoyance away. A place to indulge in your own self loathing. And at least for one moment, forfeiting yourself to the frustration you feel because, honestly, it’s just not your fault.

Here’s to not getting that job, even though you're absolutely the most qualified.
Here’s to always being in the right place, but at the wrong time.
Here’s to fighting through the world of COVID, and then Putin said, ‘hold my beer’.
And, here’s to admitting, ’this is a horrible day’, when you’re always the one telling someone else, to stay strong and you’ll get through it!

Just put a pause on that toxic positivity for a change, and just sit back, pour yourself a bottle of wine, and give in.

Enjoy your stay, at The Heartbreak Hotel.

Brought to you by Sophie Duncan


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