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Netherlands since 2018
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The act "Mucirque" is a collaboration between a musician (guitar player) and a circus artist (club juggler).

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Music meets circus. Guitar meets juggling in movement. And the story begins.

Art, as people, comes in all different shapes and colors. There is music and a man, a character which is strong and powerful, but he is also soft and sensitive, maybe even a bit shy and introvert.

And then, suddenly, there is circus and a woman. Curious. A character which needs space. She

needs attention. She doesn't know any boundaries. And she wants it all.

When these two very different characters suddenly meet, they have to find a way to get along, to share the space – to adapt to each other and each others needs.

Slowly approaching each other they start merging together until you will wonder if music and circus are really so different or if it is not one of the same kind after all.



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