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MY STORY - Aerial silk act

Italy since 2019
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Hey Dears!

I want to introduce myself ina very spontaneus way, like I am!
My very first time in stage was at 8 years old, on the elementary school Recital!
I could not wait to be so many character - it was 7 differents...and I failed just one because I did not like it... - 
Fortunally I could do even several sports like swimming, gymnastic, horse riding, tennis, and others so I liked, each year most, to explore more, even in the music: I play indeed piano and guitar.
Most I grew up, most I realized that I am full of passion with one thing in commun: curiosity and exploring.
I have lived in Rome for several years and there I knew the circus world and the cinematic dubbing too.
I have lived even in Seville - Spin, and there I learn some of Flamenco Dance, in the most famous academy "Matilde Coral".
I have lived even in Australia and New Zealand, following the research and the study of the circus disciplines - handstand, hand-to-hand, acrobatic - during my own research on silk and lyra.
Everything I did till now, teached me something good and bad. I feel everyday stronger and I feel like I want to learn more...
So, the next step maybe will be with you!wink