The Scintillating Miss Trixie Tasseltwatt

Australia since 2015
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  • 4 min

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Fasten your seat-belts as we introduce you to Australia's most highly strung Goddess of burlesque, the wickedly outrageous Miss Trixie Tasseltwatt.


The exotic and sensual Miss Trixie and her puppeteer slave Murray Raine guarantee to delight, surprise and titillate in one mystifyingly sexy speciality-act that will dazzle any audience.


This totally unique and highly acclaimed act is presented by Australia's leading cabaret marionettist Murray Raine and designed especially for variety/cabaret theatres , circus and burlesque shows.


We promise you Miss Trixie will bend over backwards to guarantee her audience a good time ! 


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Act duration: 4 minutes.


 A sneak peek at Miss Trixie in action..

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