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'Whisper' is the winning act Sophie created for Pole Art Uk Elite 2021. 

This act is about owning your sensuality, sexually and feeling powerful. But at the same time elegant and beautiful, soft and enchanting. 


Music: 'whisper' by serpentwithfeet
Performed and choreographed by Sophie Duncan
The Cresset Theatre, Peterborough, UK

This is the 5th performance by Sophie, but the first in Pole Art UK. The piece is about enjoying the power and strength of ones sensuality, and owning your body.

Other titles:
Pole Theatre UK Pro Drama 2019
Pole Theatre Hong Kong Semi Pro Drama 2018
UKPPC Professional Winner 2018
Pole Idol Hong Kong Overall Winner 2018
Pole Idol Hong Kong Drama Category Winner 2018
Pole Idol Hong Kong Best Choreography Winner 2018

Pole Theatre UK Pro Art 2022

You can see all her performances on her website:



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