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'Black Regent' Choreography Iona Kewney Composer Joseph Quimby. expired Free

Posted by: Iona Kewney
Posted on: July 03, 2019
Category: Show with touring date
Type: In Person
'Black Regent' Choreography Iona Kewney Composer Joseph Quimby. - Circus Events - CircusTalk

'BLACK REGENT' Previous Performances;

LONDON- London International Mime Festival at Southbank Centre,

PRAGUE- Zero Point Festival /Nulty Bod, International Theatre Festival.

MEXICO- International Contemporary Dance Festival, Mexico City Theatre -Esperanza Iris.

AARAU- Alte Reithalle Cirqu'6 International Circus Festival, Switzerland.

GUIMARAES- CCVF Centro Cultural Vila Flor -European Circus Season, Portugal.

PARIS- La Marbrerie.

BRUSSELS- Garage 29, OFF Festival. 

STRASBOURG-Les Migrateurs,Theatre du Haute Pierre.

PAYS DE MONTBELIARD-Wild Women Festival MA Scene Nationale De Montbeliard FRance.

RENNES- Ay-Roop Festival. France.

BERLIN- Potsdam International Theatre Festival. November 1st and 2nd 2019.



‘Since 2009, for 10 years, Joe and I have been consistently reasoning with methods of madness; emotions and hysteria, power and fragility of humanity to construct and 'become' our performance pieces. Therefore, allowing the reality and otherworldliness of being human to speak through dance, music and vision.

Choreographies and improvisation are driven through intense practise techniques, layers of content, with a surrealist vision and raw truth of detail from deep within the histories of ourselves, the world and imagination. We listen. We go to the edges of things where they being to change or crumble. Deconstructed movement and sound; the eye that sees inside and the eye that sees outside. One foot of the ground and one foot in the otherworld , the in between zone of becoming the other, of seeing clearly. We both practise our various art forms separately and come together binding layers to make the totality of the pieces. It was an immediate plan that we decided to work together back in 2009 between other tours and works. Witnessing each others separate performances, we saw ourselves within the other. With our individual charge, urgency of now and visual thinking in different art forms we were exploring similar ways of thinking but overall, the whole performative character and energy. Carrying this unique understanding and intrinsic qualities allows us to believe in each others instincts and choices wholeheartedly through live performances. The feel of the piece, the uncertainty, the drive, allowance for error and unexpected choices keep the works electric and alive as we live it. It breathes. Our choreographies are not endlessly on tour. We do not perform regularly. We practise and create daily. With that, we dive in wholeheartedly - renewed and enlightened each time. It's an all or nothing love and desire, a belief and emotional commitment to our art. We are a team of vision. From the very start we have had a unique sense of listening, insight and common understanding of the sense of vibration and atmosphere within our mental, physical, sonic journeys of performance. Our works are more an experience within the world we create and amplify- to be felt and heard by an audience.’ * 2009-2019 WORKS. 'Self-Interrupted Exhibition' 'Electric Woods' 'Fauxpas' 'Mary Queen of Scots got her head chopped off' 'Knights of the Invisible' 'Black Regent' Next creation >>>'Waiting for the Sea Eagle'.

Date: Nov. 01, 2019 -
Nov. 02, 2019

Application link:
Location: wasschhaus Arena


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