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Flying Trapeze Top... All Bars Flying Trapeze Club
June24, 2021 - June25, 2021
A flying trapeze workshop for experienced flyers over 2 days concentrating on top catch skills Our full size bar to bar rig has two top catchers and a very soft net that will challenge your limits and improve your confidence
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Apr.25, 2021 - Open Run
Out of Order ~ BA student's FMP - Circus Events - CircusTalk
Out of Order ~ BA ... Circomedia
Apr.24, 2021 - Open Run

Aloft Announces Prep School

Posted by: Aloft Circus Arts School
Posted on: Jan. 29, 2021
Category: School Application
Type: Online
Aloft Announces Prep School - Circus Events - CircusTalk
In May of 2020, Aloft made the difficult decision to suspend our beloved Full Time Training Program. The program, which began in 2013, has graduated over 50 students, with the vast majority going on to professional circus careers or advanced schools. We decided that, in the face of a global pandemic and deteriorating job market for circus professionals, it was the safest and smartest move to suspend our program until the future came into better focus.

Nine months later, the outlook is still uncertain. Rather than push ahead with our two year model, we’ve found that shorter intensives offer greater flexibility to students, our coaches, and facilities--enabling us to adapt more readily to the changing COVID landscape. Additionally, with professional and pre-professional programs popping up around the US and the world, we have been examining where there is a need for specific kinds of instruction for developing both professional and pre-professional circus artists. We’ve created a new program that can exist in the immediate pandemic environment, AND help create strong and vibrant circus artists in the US. We are thrilled to announce Aloft’s Prep School Program.

PREP SCHOOL (Two sessions: June-August 2021 and Sept-Dec 2021) is a preparatory program, designed to nurture, train, guide, and advise circus students with their sights set on auditioning for pre-professional and professional training programs. Students study the core skills required for most circus programs, will also be coached in audition prep, and everything needed to make their transition to circus school smooth and successful. The ideal candidate for this program is enthusiastic and excited to learn with some background in movement arts--an intermediate recreational circus student, a gymnast looking for a longer career, theater artists hoping to expand into circus.

Due to COVID, auditions will not be held for these programs and participants will be chosen based on the strength of their applications

There is no deadline to apply. Applications will be open until the program is full.

Information on dates, prices and more specifics can be found at
Or please contact Shayna Swanson at [email protected]
Application Deadline:
Sept. 01, 2021
Timezone: (UTC-6) Central Time (US & Canada)
Languages: English Online event URL:

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