Omnium: A Bold New Circus - Virtual Celebration of Diversity - Circus Events - CircusTalk
Omnium: A Bold New... Lisa B Lewis
Dec.12, 2020 - Dec.12, 2020
Omnium: A Bold New Circus rises from the pandemic as a fresh idea whose time is now! A celebration of uniqueness, strength, spirit, diversity and talent including full access, both in and out of the ring. Omnium creates joy and laughter transporting audiences into a world of wonder, inspiring all w...
Sarau na Lua - Circus Events - CircusTalk
Sarau na Lua Lua Barreto
Oct.31, 2020 - Oct.31, 2020
Sarau com participação livre. Qualquer um pode se inscrever e participar lendo uma poesia, cantando, fazendo uma cena ou um número de circo. É só se inscrever no link abaixo. Soiree with free participation. Anyone can sign up and participate by reading poetry, singing, doing a scene or a circus act...
Conference Performing Arts: Tradition and Contemporaneity - Circus Events - CircusTalk
Conference Perform... New International Performing Arts Institute
Dec.17, 2020 - Dec.21, 2020
"Performing Arts Between Tradition and Contemporaneity" is the annual international multidisciplinary conference exploring the bridge between the "traditional" and the "contemporary" in performing arts. The conference meeting is highly recommended to performing arts practitioners and resea...

ART OF IMPROVISATION, free webinar expired Free

Posted by: Inside theatre with Mikhail Usov
Posted on: Aug. 18, 2020
Category: Intensive/Workshop/Class
Type: Online Livestream
ART OF IMPROVISATION, free webinar  - Circus Events - CircusTalk
Art of Improvisation Free Webinar In this series of lessons, you will learn how improvisation really works and where it comes from. You will find out what is important to pay attention to, and what you don't need to waste your time on. How do you learn to improvise? How do you quickly, elegantly respond to unexpected situations and challenges? How do you get away with it? How do you get profit from any circumstance? How do you make a solution out of a problem? Professional clowns know the secrets of the art of improvisation better than anyone else. At every performance, clowns come face to face with improvisation. The success of a clown depends on the ability to improvise. The real clown is always improvising, no matter what happens.
Date: Oct. 04, 2020 -
Oct. 10, 2020

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Timezone: (UTC-8) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Languages: English Online event URL:

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