The Impact of Academic Writing Services - Circus Events - CircusTalk
The Impact of Acad... Anna Lisbon
June09, 2023 - June30, 2023
In the fast-paced and demanding world of academia, students often face significant pressures that can take a toll on their mental and emotional well-being. However, the availability of academic writs help alleviate this pressure by providing professional assistance with assignments, deadlines, and c...
Autobiographical Writing for circus artists with Laura Murphy - Circus Events - CircusTalk
Autobiographical W... Greentop Circus
June23, 2023 - June23, 2023
Hear about Laura's performance-making practice and gain insight into her process in this part artist talk, part practical workshop. Laura will share clips of her solo show 'Contra', and research film 'A Spectacle of Herself' and will discuss her making process over these projects. She will also ta...
Autobiographical writing for circus artists with Laura Murphy - Circus Events - CircusTalk
Autobiographical w... Greentop Circus
June23, 2023 - June23, 2023
Explore Laura's signature aerial rope style - this session will cover both creative and technical skills. Friday, 23 June '23, 1pm – 3pm at Greentop Community Circus £20 Laura’s practice as a rope artist is grounded in both...

Call for Entries: Diploma Programs in Theatre Directing Free

Posted by: New International Performing Arts Institute
Posted on: June 15, 2020
Category: Intensive/Workshop/Class
Type: Online
Call for Entries: Diploma Programs in Theatre Directing - Circus Events - CircusTalk
Get a professional and specialist education fully online
Study online alongside the work
Make performances as a diploma project
Become a professional director by doing

In the creation of every program, we worked with students and faculty from around the world. We adapted the best ideas and elements from top-university directing programs and designed an alternative, which provides a thorough grounding in performance making, and is also flexible in meeting the diverse needs of our students.

The distant learning is designed to be completely immersive, helping you to apply all knowledge on practice by taking a specific play and diving into its exploration. We give an opportunity to learn directing through a variety of options, through dynamic blend of distant learning, practical tasks, self-study, mentor guided assignments, workshops, study projects and immediate application of gained knowledge.

Students work on their projects from the very first day of their classes and will learn and explore the numerous visual, dramatic, and technical challenges that face directors. In addition to writing, analyzing plays, directing, and working with performers, students are constantly involved in multidisciplinary interactions.

At our special Diploma Programs students graduate after completing their main independent project - graduation performance which is developed under thorough guidance of our best faculty members and mentors. Ultimately, through intensive hands-on guidance and immediate application, our goal is to empower students to make their work on performances interesting, to make actors and crew work on performances interesting and make audience enjoy the show!

Our professional lecturers will try their best to guide you to knowledge and skills that professional theatre director must have!

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