Movement for Circus - Weekly class - Circus Events - CircusTalk
Movement for Circu... Viola Bruni
Aug.06, 2020 - Dec.17, 2020
A weekly class aimed at expanding the performer's movement vocabulary, and at seeking an integration with their chosen circus discipline. Week by week, we will encounter different themes and techniques, and explore in practice how these can enrich the performer's existing circus skills. Using elemen...
9 days Intensive with "Un Loup pour l´Homme" - Circus Events - CircusTalk
9 days Intensive w... MOTA - Motorik Tanz Artistik
Sept.05, 2020 - Sept.13, 2020
9 days special Intensive with "Un Loup pour l´Homme" in the amazing circus training center Salzburg. we offer a very exciting and diverse program!!!! for detailed description of the project, information of schedule and conditions please go to:
O'DD - Circus Events - CircusTalk
O'DD Race Horse Company
Oct.13, 2020 - Oct.15, 2020
RACE HORSE COMPANY: O'DD Humanity in the guts of gravity Trampoline-wizard Rauli Dahlberg is joined by the award-winning choreographer Jarkko Mandelin, master of live-looping Miro Mantere and visionary light designer Jere Mönkkönen in creating contemporary circus from another dimension. ...

Call for Papers: Circus and the Avant-Gardes expired Free

Posted by: Anna-Sophie Jürgens
Posted on: Jan. 21, 2020
Category: Conference/Convention
Type: In Person
Call for Papers: Circus and the Avant-Gardes  - Circus Events - CircusTalk
The performance practice of the circus in the early 20th century was formative for the avant-gardes. This symposium brings together researchers who are exploring this theme from various perspectives and different fields within the humanities. The aim is to examine how the aesthetics of circus arts affected and competed with the theatre of the Russian and Western avant-gardes, and to what extent the circus served as an inspiration for multimedia avant-garde productions, for example in film. In what ways did the aesthetics of the circus and related stage genres (such as vaudeville, variety, music hall, etc.) affect the body concepts and writing styles of avant-garde artists? How did stage concepts and technologies of the circus inscribe themselves into the works of the avant-gardes? How can the interplay between the performance practices of the circus and the theatre of the avant-gardes be defined? Presentations could explore the following (and other) topics: -- Aesthetics and practices of circus arts in the works of avant-garde artists (and vice versa) -- The cross-fertilisation between 'popular', 'circus' and 'avant-garde' stage works -- The role or function of circus references in avant-garde theatre -- The (stage) technology transfer between circus and avant-garde artists -- Clowning and humour in the circus and in circus-related Bauhaus activities -- The role of Berlin’s entertainment venues for circus and avant-garde experiments -- etc The deadline for abstracts (max. 300 words) and short biographies (max. 200 words) is February 06, 2020. Please send your documents to Dr. Anna-Sophie Jürgens ( and M.A. Mirjam Hildbrand (
Date: Mar. 05, 2020 -
Mar. 06, 2020

Timezone: (UTC+10) Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Guam
Online event URL:
Location: Freie Universität Berlin: EXC 2020 "Temporal Communities"
Altensteinstraße 15 14195 Berlin

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