Vertical Climbs wi... Jaunty Jacob
July14, 2019 - July14, 2019
Vertical Climbs Workshop with Joe Baker Sunday 14th July 12-2pm Learn how to acsend vertical equipment in a variety of ways, This workshop has been put together by Joe, who has recently earned a place at European circus training centre Codarts in Rotterdam. For anyone who trains rope/si...
International Aeri... Aerial Arts Academy
Mar.20, 2020 - Mar.23, 2020
A meeting of the greats! :) A 4-day retreat for professional aerialists. Let's train together! It's not an audition, it's not a rehearsal, it's not teaching... it's just good ol' fun and training... with an international group of like-minded individuals. You can present new works in progre...
Опера "Тум... Matilda Marina
July04, 2019 - July04, 2019
Раз і назавжди закохатись не так вже й важко.Дозволити собі бути відвертим, збудженим, бажати ... Особливо якщо мова йде про музично-візуально-драматичний тріп, у якому можна розчинитися й забутися. Покинути буремний світ турбот і опинитися у справжній казці для дорослих. Чуттєва, еротична, мінлив...


Irish Aerial Dance Festival

Posted on: Mar. 20, 2019
Category: Intensive and Master Class
Irish Aerial Dance Festival - Circus Events - CircusTalk
The Irish Aerial Dance Fest celebrates it's 10th anniversary this year! Come join us in Letterkenny, Donegal 22 June - 6 July 2019 for an unmissable festival, we have lots of surprises in store! Check out this year's schedule Bookings now open. Levels range from beginners to advanced. Classes include: Hoop Group Hoop Aerial Dance Harness Multicord Mindful training Spinny Hoop Doubles Vertical Dance (Wall Running) Counter Weight Roue Cyr (Wheel) Act Creation and Refinement Cloud Swing Dance Trapeze Trapeze Bungee Fabric Act Refinement Acro Warm Up Doubles Trapeze Doubles Wall Running Cocoons Straps Rope Spiral Warm Down Labs Weekend classes Special beginners course to aerial One day rigging course run by High Performance Festival also offers accommodation, weekend performances, social nights and so much more! Thank you for the continued support from An Grianan Theatre, Donegal County Council, Arts Council Ireland.
Date: June 22, 2019 12:00 am - July 06, 2019
Location: Several
An Grianan, Letterkenny, Donegal
Letterkenny, Donegal

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