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Circus Spectacular New England Center for Circus Arts
Mar.06, 2021 - Open Run
The New England Center for Circus Arts' 11th annual fundraising show features internationally renowned artists from Cirque du Soleil, 7 Fingers, Cirque Eloize, Pilobolus, and more! Award winning and renowned artists include Eric Bates, Molly Gawler, Jeff Raz, Kevin Beverley, Ariana Ferber-Carter, Tr...
The 78 Presents: Show Me Your Burlesque - Circus Events - CircusTalk
The 78 Presents: S... Holly Woods
Jan.29, 2021 - Open Run
The 78 performers is new dance company sponsored by Pole Control Studios specializing in cabaret performance, commercial jazz dance, go-go dance, and burlesque with music styles ranging from Barbara Streisand to Beyonce Aerialist (pole preferred) who can perform a classy burlesque act OR an outstan...
A.Lone - Circus Events - CircusTalk
A.Lone Contemporary Circus and Immersive Arts Center
Jan.22, 2021 - Feb.21, 2021
A.Lone   Co-Directed by  Aaron Marquise & Marie-Josée Gauthier    Conceived and Starring Aaron Marquise    Produced by the Contemporary Circus & Immersive Arts Center (CCIAC)    Unrated | 45 minutes    From the Contempo...

Let Your Clown BE Free

Posted by: ART OF THE INVISIBLE CLOWN Inside theatre with Mikhail Usov
Posted on: Jan. 12, 2021
Category: Conference/Convention
Type: Online On Demand
Let Your Clown BE - Circus Events - CircusTalk
Public Please join my free webinar again. This time I chose one of my favourite topics: "Let Your Clown Be" January 17 09:30 am San Francisco 12:30 pm New York 17:30 pm London 18:30 pm Berlin We will explore white and red clown, typologies of men in clownery. This time we will focus on the character of your clown but we will also touch on the theme of „The Invisible Clown“ and we will find confirmation of this concept in other forms of art in painting and music. How to find your clown How to find your clown character How to be yourself How to be happy How let your clown be All webinar participants will receive a gift! If you are interested, request your zoom link. All information about our online clown school you can find in our website:
Languages: English Online event URL:

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