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MARAÑA - Living Space + Monsters Act expired Free

Posted by: Sebastiano Productions
Posted on: Jan. 15, 2019
Category: Show with touring date
Type: In Person
MARAÑA - Living Space + Monsters Act - Circus Events - CircusTalk

MARAÑA Living Space + Monsters Act

Maraña is a aesthetic experience. It’s an installation completely knitted with wool. It takes
the place where is installed, and transforms it in to a living space where the colours,
materials, sensations and sound take the visitors into a world without references. A place
where thru abstraction we connect with the very basic shapes of the human
subconsciousness. It serves as an installation, but from time to time living creatures, also
made with wool, come into scene and take this universe even further.
Maraña work as an installation open to the public for about 4 hours each day of
presentation, but during the opening and closing of the space we make a show where the
installation / scenography becomes alive and characters created also with wool interact
with the installation. This means that during the 4 hours that we keep the space open, the
installation works as an exhibition, and during the opening and closing of the space, the
installation becomes the scenography of our show.

Maraña is an original idea from the director, Paula Riquelme.
She’s formerly a circus artist and an aerial choreographer from Chile.
Today the company is based in Berlin, Germany,
and is a mix of chilean and german artists.

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