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May be empty expired Free

Posted by: Carole Madella
Posted on: Dec. 14, 2018
Category: Show with touring date
Type: In Person
May be empty - Circus Events - CircusTalk

"May be empty" is the space where thoughts move. They follow the rythm played by the clubs. Shadow hides truth, light shows illusion.

Concentration fills the emptiness before the creative act.

"May be empty" is the moment when decisions are taken.

Juggling decodes thinking and turns it into action.

"May be empty" is the question whispered in spectator's ear:

did it really happen?


The show


“May be empty” is performed in an empty space. Little by little, the clubs fill it. The emptiness becomes a metaphor of the space of mind in which creation takes place. Thoughts and actions develop in an irrational and intimate way, in front of the audience called to witness a private creative act. Light is intended as a solid element. Shadow is not only absence of light but a place in which the action acquires a different meaning  compared to reality.

Date: Dec. 01, 2018 -
Dec. 02, 2018

Online event URL:
Location: Teatro Furio Camillo


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