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Movement Missing Links expired

Posted by: Nicki Miller
Posted on: Nov. 24, 2020
Category: Intensive/Workshop/Class
Type: Online
Movement Missing Links - Circus Events - CircusTalk
Movement Missing Links Class is an all level transformative full body movement practice of cultivating what science would call "increased movement variability" and what somatics might call "embodied sensitivity" and what my marketing might call "Stability and Mobility Missing Links." Class combines strategies from the science of motor repatterning with attentional skills of working with sensation and feedback. Please check out or the additional information below for a list of my qualifications and certifications.

Class will be Tuesdays and Thursdays 11am-12pm EST December 1-22 on Zoom. If you can’t make it live, you can get the recording, and the recordings are yours to keep through the end of January. This will be 7 classes total for a suggested $105 payment ($15 per class).

I’m also offering a new Mutual Aid pricing model*

Mutual Aid Need Option: In this profoundly messed up economic dumpster fire we’re living through, there is NO SHAME in not being able to afford taking class. If this applies to you, I suggest a minimum of $5 per class ($35 total), but if that’s too much, please reach out to me and we’ll find a way to accommodate your participation.
Mutual Aid Giving Option: If you are financially stable and interested in supporting the participation of your fellow students’ who have been financially harmed by this pandemic/government disaster, please reach out to me directly about the status of subsidy needs, or just add whatever subsidy amount you wish to your payment.

*To participate via the Mutual Aid pay-what-you can-option or to contribute to the Mutual Aid Subsidy, PLEASE CONTACT [email protected] directly to register.

Follow and learn more on instagram: @nickimillergram
More details: What is the Missing Links Class?

Class takes a neuro-biomechanical approach to physical training. The main focus of class will be liberating tension that builds up in our midline (jaw, ribs, spine, pelvis) while increasing load tolerance and mobility in the arms and legs. This work can be done in support of any other physical activity or as a stand alone practice. Classes have 15 min Q&A section at the end.

What is Neuro-biomechanical training?

Neuro-biomechanical means training the body via the nervous system, rather than forcing our muscles to do things in a forceful, mindless, or zoned-out way.

The nervous system has a lot of really important responsibilities. Most significantly, it communicates to the brain what is safe versus what is unsafe. Everything affects our nervous system. Depending on the capacity of our nervous system to tolerate stress, the brain may inaccurately perceive danger when faced with challenge. This can sometimes lead to unsustainable movement patterns, pain, and injury. So when approaching physical training, it's essential to make sure we train at the speed of our own nervous system's trust*.

Trauma-informed/nervous system care is often applied in somatic and psychotherapy contexts, but it also has a branch in the physiotherapy world as well. In other words, we can take a nervous system approach to developing a more dynamic and pain free movement.

How does that work?

The better our feet, hands, and eyes are at interacting with our environment, the better the rest of our body works. Our brains have the capacity to self-organize our movement to be more pain-free and powerful when we work this way. The better these extremities are at perceiving the environment we're in, the more clearly the nervous system can evaluate what is safe versus what is unsafe. When we couple this principle with mobility and stability training, we can simultaneous increase our nervous system’s adaptability and our physical capacity.


Certifications: Integrated Kinetic Neurology (Levels 1 & 2), Functional Range Conditioning, Kinstretch, NASM

Additional Education: Z-Health Essentials of Elite Performance, Z-Health The Breathing Gym, Postural Restoration Institute: Myokinematic Restoration, Power Within Healing: Awakening Bodies Trauma Informed Somatics Mentorship, Wild Soul Healing (courses: Inner Voice, Tarot for the Wild Soul, Heart of Service), ARTIC ORG (Anti-Racist Trauma Informed Care): How to Be Less Harmful course, Gaga Movement Language (uncertified, 3 years of practice), Aerial Arts ( 12 years: silks, rope, sling), Nita Little's Relational Intelligence Practice

*"moving at the speed of trust" is a phrase and concept that I learned from adrienne maree brown's brilliant book Emergent Strategy
Date: Dec. 01, 2020 -
Dec. 22, 2020

11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Timezone: (UTC-5) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Languages: English
Price: 105.00 US$ BUY TICKET
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