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Monday 7 December 6:30pm Festival Opening Festival Introduction from Louise Costelloe (Dance Ireland), Lucy Medlycott (ISACS) and Vivian Brodie Hayes (SpringMoves Festival Director)With Festival Welcome from Liz Burns, County Wexford Arts Officer. 7pm SpringMoves Short Films Present With Me ...
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Murky Marduk - Chapter 00 expired Free

Posted by: hammal nejwa
Posted on: July 10, 2019
Category: Special Project
Type: In Person
Murky Marduk - Chapter 00 - Circus Events - CircusTalk
Each human era is defined by a metanarrative that diktates small narratives that generally gives more credit to power structures, or some universal truth. In the postmodern era, skepticism had grown at some point that no metanarrative is left to give people hope or empower them into becoming better humans. With the rise of new technologies, organic life is threatened, because it has to cooperate with technology in order to survive. In the age of AI, Big Data, no evolution is possible without human cooperation. The old paradigm of right and wrong, true and false is outdated. We are facing a new era of the Network, of Plurality, of Waves and Connectivity. Technology is making us closer to each other, creating new bonds worldwide. Through our 3 outdoor parties and 2 indoors, we are developing new stories and experiences for everyone who listens, reflecting reality as it is : brutal, violent and dark. After Realistic Shift, Halloween, and Ouroboros, we begin a new cycle, it refers to Zero as a chapter, to the preamble of our new Book for those who read, and a new Movie for those who see. We are exploring Zero as a symbol of perfect equilibrium, of deep beginnings, of infinity of the universe. We are inviting all of you to write with us this (hi)story, from scratch, without any preconception, no judgement, no binarism, but fresh Zero from where all colors and variations blossom. This is not a description… it's just a viral phenomena to receive the light from the dark. BE READY!!! ___________________________________________________ Line up -Live set ► Blind-ox {Voodoo Hoodoo Rec/Shamanism Rec} ► Psycorange {Anomalistic Recs/NutriaDance Recs} ►Brkho {Anomalistic Recs} ►Psyroot {Andhakara Recs} ►Brootko {Independent} ►Alien Hardware {Lunatic Alien Recs / Electric Moon Recs} -Djset ► SKO {Murky Marduk} ► Plazma {Dream Crew Recs/Lunatic Alien} ► Barbaros {Murky Marduk} ► Puke Lava {Independant} ► Voldeemort {Murky Marduk} ►Migalox {Psychedelic Ritual} ►Azmatek {Murky Marduk} ►Rhizome {Murky Marduk} ►Maxilase {Murky Marduk} ► Used Name {Murky Marduk} ►3TREEPL7 {Murky Marduk} ►Digital Chaos {Murky Marduk} ►Chillight {Cosmic Saout System / Murky Marduk} ►Kazett {Voodoo Hoodoo Recs} ►Obsycien {Independent} ►Dark Soul {Multifrequency Recs} ___________________________________________________ Tickets Presales: ➽ 250 MAD ► Phase 00 ➡️ SOLD OUT. ➽ 300 MAD ► Phase 01 ➡️ SOLD OUT. ➽ 400 MAD ► Phase 02 ➡️ SOLD OUT. ➽ 500 MAD ► Phase 03 ➡️ 01 July Until 31 July 2019 ➽ 600 MAD ► At the gate. INFOS : Tangier : Youssef: Rabat : Houda : Hamid : Casa : Othmane: Sango: Marrakech: Laela: Europe : Salim: +33766869639 ___________________________________________________ Sound System: -Cosmic Saout System ___________________________________________________ Decoration: - Digital Chaos ___________________________________________________ Location: Near Marrakesh, Morocco ___________________________________________________ Artwork by Murky Marduk Official Page: Be sure to keep this in mind, to serve the light we've been secretly working in the dark. DARKPSY YOU SOON.
Date: Aug. 02, 2019 -
Aug. 04, 2019

2:00 am
Timezone: (UTC+1) Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Madrid
Online event URL:
Location: Murky Marduk
near marrakech
near marrakech

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