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N.C.I. “SHIPS OF FOOLS – Comic Formulas Clown Masterclass” Free

Posted by: nouveau clown institute
Posted on: Dec. 29, 2019
Category: Intensive/Workshop/Class
Type: In Person
N.C.I. “SHIPS OF FOOLS – Comic Formulas Clown Masterclass” - Circus Events - CircusTalk
NOUVEAU CLOWN INSTITUTE & CENTRE CIVIC DRASSANES presents: The “SHIPS OF FOOLS – Comic Formulas Clown Masterclass” September 3rd until October 4th, 2020 Barcelona, Spain. This year the N.C.I. annual one-month masterclass "SHIPS OF FOOLS" is the institutes 11th edition. For further information or to receive the official application form Contact:Email: The Instructors: The one-month session is conducted by a team of international master instructors and additional specialized tutors from our permanent N.C.I. faculty. Every class is completely unique in content, instruction and information. Confirmed instructors of the N.C.I. masterclass faculty 2020 are: AVNER (the Eccentric) EISENBERG-U.S.A., LEO BASSI-ITALY, ROBERTO OLIVAN-SPAIN, DAVID SHINER-U.S.A., CLAUDIA CANTONE-ITALY, JANGO EDWARDS-U.S.A., GUILLEM ALBA-SPAIN, FRANTO FRANTIC-CROATIA. additional N.C.I. faculty will be announced in the future. For further information or to receive the official application form, tuition, Scheduled courses, classes, performances, sailing excursions, beach events, and animations Contact: via email The Sessions: Classes will be held 5 days a week, Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 7 pm totaling 190 hours of class time training. Which includes 30 hours of special research and viewing assignments of films and videos. Classes will be in English and Spanish with translations. On the Friday evenings of each week, there will be performances presented by Cabaret Cabron performed by the A.I.T.’s (actors in training), faculty and invited guest artists These presentations will be open to the general public. In addition to you’re in class sessions you will receive selected data based materials. It is a mandatory request that you bring with you a pen drive or memory stick in which this data can be stored. This information will be a useful reference in the future once you have successfully completed the master class and graduated from “The Nouveau Clown Institute”...that is if you graduate!!! Creation of numbers: Those of you who have clown or comedy routines, stage acts or numbers that you would like to perform in the weekly “Cabaret Cabron” productions please bring those items required to present your act including music, props, and costumes. A maximum of no more than 2 acts from your repertory is advised. It's also mandatory that prior to the start of the series actors with creation numbers must send in advance audio/video material of your work which can be viewed by members of the faculty before your arrival to help assist us in directing you. One-on-one session: The A.I.T. can request a One-on-one session by the teachers of the institute but at an added cost of the instructors of the Master Class. It is, in any case, an accessible and favorable cost for the participants. About N.C.I. The master class is for professional clown artists to learn, teach and exchange creative ideas with each other; a school where new actors have the opportunity for direct contact with master instructors and a daily exposure to assorted technique and production skills, and an understanding of the comic formula's that make comedy and clowning function in all environments. This event is created for all members of the Nouveau Clown community and functions as a launching pad for actors to become familiar with the variety of clown artists and schools that specialize in comedy and the art of clown. Finally and most important of all it is the wishes of the N.C.I. staff to make your visit as creative, productive and inspiring as possible. To achieve this we remind you that this is an educational institution of the highest standards and if you come with an open mind and open heart then we will open the door for you to a new future. On behalf of the N.C.I. Sincerely yours, Jango Edwards For further information or to receive the official application form, tuition, Scheduled courses, classes, performances, sailing excursions, beach events, and animations Contact: via email THE CLOWN FACTORY/LA FABRICA DELS PALLASSOS N.C.I. tv news item 2018 FOOLS OF LIFE - DOCUMENTARY NOUVEAU CLOWN INSTITUTE-links to N.C.I. group & N.C.I. page
Date: Sept. 02, 2020 -
Oct. 03, 2020

Timezone: (UTC+1) Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Madrid
Location: Centre Cívic Drassanes
Centre Cívic Drassanes, Nou de laRambla, 43 Barcelona, Spain 08001

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