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NOrmal LIFE expired Free

Posted by: Sebastiano Productions
Posted on: Jan. 15, 2019
Category: Show with touring date
Type: In Person
NOrmal LIFE - Circus Events - CircusTalk

A visual theatrical performance with Irene & Roland Hofers as well in the Videoperformance Lea Malenka Prinz.

The little couple Irene and Roland Hofer already played in the production with the "The Tiger Lillies" from London.
There they were the secret stars. They showed us the woman with the three hearts, the dreamer, who never wanted to wake up, or the woman with the longest hair in the world.
Now they come back, but this time alone and with their own story.

In his luggage they have 6 skyscrapers, two legged monsters, a giantess and some episodes from her life, that make us shudder. Tales of her work in today 's forbidden Lilliputian town, first love or her life in
the rough circus world of the 70s. At her side a being from another world. The giantess LEA.
A projection of her wishes, a Marvel figure, a guardian angel?

How does it feel to be in a body that is 117 cm tall? What desires do they have or have they given up to have?
With the end of 40, the certainty is that at the angle of view to the standard world nothing will change.
If you want to take part in this world, you will always have to put your head in the back of your neck in order to look upwards. An upward directed look in the eyes of those who look down. Those who have the privilege of meeting people on their own size.Two of about three million short people worldwide. Excluded from a society that has codified its units.

Dance, movement and pictures give insights into the hidden intimate world of two people who have greatness in them. Beyond enlightened self-expression, they show us the absurd and beautiful sides of being different.
With partly autobiographical and fictional texts they lead us into a surreal world full of contradictions and contradictions. At her side is the giantess LEA. A being from another world.

Who will help them understand this big world and become one with it?
Will the giantness LEA become the savior of the little ones?
Or they do not want to be saved and are even looking for destruction.

No age limit.

70 minutes without break.


Performance - Irene Hofer
Performance - Roland Hofer
Videoperformance – Lea Malenka Prinz
Book / Set Design/Director - Sebastiano Toma

Assistance - Pegah Ghalambor
Lightdesign - Citronella Antholz
Video & Videoanimation - Sebastiano Toma

© Sebastiano productions hamburg -

Date: Mar. 22, 2019
Online event URL:
Location: Lessingtheater Wolfenbüttel


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