Circadium's Class 1 Thesis Presentations - Circus Events - CircusTalk
Circadium's Class ... Circadium
Dec.04, 2020 - Dec.04, 2020
SpringMoves Dance Festival - Circus Events - CircusTalk
SpringMoves Dance ... ISACS
Dec.07, 2020 - Dec.11, 2020
Monday 7 December 6:30pm Festival Opening Festival Introduction from Louise Costelloe (Dance Ireland), Lucy Medlycott (ISACS) and Vivian Brodie Hayes (SpringMoves Festival Director)With Festival Welcome from Liz Burns, County Wexford Arts Officer. 7pm SpringMoves Short Films Present With Me ...
Digital Open House at Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) - Circus Events - CircusTalk
Digital Open House... SKH - Stockholm University of the Arts Department of Circus
Dec.08, 2020 - Dec.08, 2020
We wish you welcome to Digital Open House at Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH, former DOCH)! Tuesday 8 December at 4-6 pm CiRCUS BA PROGRAMME PRESENTATION Prel time: 4:30-5:00 pm Programme Head Alisan Funk and Circus Department Head Walter Ferrero will present the Bachelor’s Programme...


Posted on: Apr. 04, 2020
Category: Festival
Type: Online On Demand
ONLINE CIRCUS FESTIVAL - Circus Events - CircusTalk
Forget everything you knew about Circus Festivals!From the 06 April till the 02 May 2020 there will be the most important event, which will unite the whole circus community on the internet. Before you say a circus is just a ‘live’ performance the ‘Online Circus Festival’ has completely different goals and completely brand new rules which have not existed. Within 3 weeks you will watch as 20 Jury Members will randomly judge 100 participants. After the 4 rounds of this festival meaning the end of it, there shall be only 4 finalist participants who shall go head to head for the prizes. You will witness something brand new, something grand, something memorable because..We'll Make the Future Together! With the ever on going changing of Internet technologies and video platforms such as YouTube, the entire circus industry has changed. In the majority of cases, show producers or casting directors book artists for their shows via YouTube and that we all know is a fact. Currently on the internet are the largest variety of circus acts and it becomes more and more difficult to become noticed by employers. I’ve been producing circus artists for 10 years and I know firsthand how difficult to promote new acts. Casting directors around the world receive thousands of emails with video links, but they are physically unable to view all of them. Based on my experience, I developed a completely new concept, and I am sure that the "Online Circus Festival" will become a new innovative platform that can give a great chance and promote new, truly worthy artists. As soon as I announced the festival, I received a lot of positive feedback from employers from around the world and I am extremely grateful to the 20 members of the jury who believed in me and agreed to be part of this experimental project. The main “point” of the festival (which can be implemented only on the Internet) will be the play-off system and the lottery draws of the participants and jury members, all this will give incredible intrigue and unpredictability. In this difficult time, when circuses all over the world are forced to close, and artists, unfortunately, are sitting without job on quarantine.. The "Online Circus Festival" will unite the entire circus community from all over the world on the Internet and at least, help to overcome this difficult period together!- Dmitry Chernov (Founder of the "Online Circus Festival")
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