Vertical Climbs wi... Jaunty Jacob
July14, 2019 - July14, 2019
Vertical Climbs Workshop with Joe Baker Sunday 14th July 12-2pm Learn how to acsend vertical equipment in a variety of ways, This workshop has been put together by Joe, who has recently earned a place at European circus training centre Codarts in Rotterdam. For anyone who trains rope/si...
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Mar.20, 2020 - Mar.23, 2020
A meeting of the greats! :) A 4-day retreat for professional aerialists. Let's train together! It's not an audition, it's not a rehearsal, it's not teaching... it's just good ol' fun and training... with an international group of like-minded individuals. You can present new works in progre...
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July04, 2019 - July04, 2019
Раз і назавжди закохатись не так вже й важко.Дозволити собі бути відвертим, збудженим, бажати ... Особливо якщо мова йде про музично-візуально-драматичний тріп, у якому можна розчинитися й забутися. Покинути буремний світ турбот і опинитися у справжній казці для дорослих. Чуттєва, еротична, мінлив...


Ontario Contemporary Circus Showcase

Posted on: Apr. 25, 2019
Category: Festival/Conference
Ontario Contemporary Circus Showcase - Circus Events - CircusTalk

In its inaugural year, the Ontario Contemporary Circus Showcase aims to bring together a wide array of contemporary circus artists from across Ontario to share works with local presenters and the public. Artists and presenters will network and collaborate through panel discussions featuring Erin Ball (Kingston, ON), Tina Carter (UK), and Yolanda Bonnell (Toronto, ON) and a "speed dating" pitch session. Artists are also invited to presentations from Nathalie Hebert of Canada Council for the Arts, Christine Bouchard of En Piste - Regroupement National des Arts du Cirque, and Anahareo Doelle, founder of the St. John's Circus Festival.

The weekend culminates on Sunday, July 30, 2019, in a performance showcase. During this showcase audiences can expect to be amazed by feats of strength and agility, and expressions of artistic beauty from artists. Hosted by Toronto clowning duo Philip and Lucinda (Grand SaltoTheatre - Myque Franz and Zita Nyarady), performers will include attendees of Erin Ball's Amputee Circus Camp, the Lonely Child Project (Angola Murdoch, Stacie Dunlop, and Holly Treddenick), Rebecca Leonard and Amy Hull (A Girl in the Sky Productions and Thin Edge New Music Collective), Thomas Vaccaro (Peterborough Academy for Circus Arts), and Miranda S Tempest and Laura Griffin (Illuminair Entertainment). Tickets for the showcase are on sale soon.

Ticket Info:
Date: June 29, 2019 - June 30, 2019
Location: 5040 Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 6R8

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