Closing Acts 2024 - Circus Events - CircusTalk
Closing Acts 2024 SKH Circus- Stockholm University of the Arts
May14, 2024 - May19, 2024
Come experience the future of circus. The fourteen students from the graduating class of 2024 in SKH's bachelor programme in circus warmly welcome you to experience their circus performances in the Closing Acts show.
12th West Coast Aerial Arts Festival - Circus Events - CircusTalk
12th West Coast Ae... Aerial Arts America
Nov.08, 2024 - Nov.11, 2024
When and Where:  Nov. 8 – 11, 2024  Anaheim, California Event: Aerial Arts Competition, Workshops, Scholarship Auditions, and Aerial Culminating Concert Enrollment Opens:  May 1, 2024 The West Coast Aerial Arts Festival is proud to return for its 12th annual year! The very first aerial competit...
Montreal Clown Festival - Circus Events - CircusTalk
Montreal Clown Festival Le Festival des Clowns de Montreal
Apr.25, 2024 - Apr.28, 2024
The 2024 Montreal Clown Festival boasts over 30 artists in 8 shows PLUS free outdoor programming! The festival schedule includes a gala cabaret, family programming, late-night adult shows, workshops for professional clowns, and discussions on the art of clowning. Don't miss your chance to see the...


Posted by: Technocrate Recovery
Posted on: Feb. 17, 2024
Category: Exhibition
Type: Online
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Date: Feb. 14, 2024
Timezone: (UTC-9) Alaska (US & Canada)
Languages: English Online event URL:

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