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Ways Women Manipulate Men Free

Posted by: Sam Cruise
Posted on: Apr. 09, 2021
Category: Panel Discussion
Type: Online
Ways Women Manipulate Men - Circus Events - CircusTalk
Women manipulate men. This is not something new. In fact, men do that too. However, I strongly recommend to know and be ready for female manipulations. Here is a (partial) list of manipulations women use on men.Women Manipulate Men

Giving their Phone Number Even if she is not interested
Have you even approach a women, had a little chat, and eventually she gave you her phone number. In such cases, men are sure that they succeeded to attract and impress the girl. However, in many cases, the girl wouldn’t answer your calls.

Sometimes, this happens because the girl woke up in the morning and regretted. In many other cases, she wasn’t interested in the first place.

As I found out during the years, many women give their number to men just to feel strong and wanted. Sometimes they just do it because they want to end the conversation. In this cases they may even give away the wrong number.

If a girl gives you her number, it doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to meet you later.

Holding you on the list
As I said above, women love to feel wanted and desired. They might hold a guy for weeks and months. She might answer your calls, even meet for coffee, but nothing more. Perhaps she is dating another guy, and wants to to “keep you on the list”. Or, even worse, she just enjoys getting phone calls and date invitations by guys.

If this is the case, it’s important to understand the situation. If she refuses to meet you, just go meet other women. You can check from a time to time, maybe she will be available later.

“I don’t know, maybe…”
Women are the weaker sex. They don’t have “balls” and saying “No” is something they rarely do. They way women usually say no is by using the words “Maybe”, “I don’t know”, “I’ll think about”.

So keep that in mind when you are not sure what a girl means.

“Let’s Just Be Friends”
This is the simple way women use to tell, that they are just not attracted to you. What about the “Friendship”? If a woman just met you and tells you that, think to yourself, why would she want to be friends with you?

She probably doesn’t think you are attractive, and she doesn’t know you too much. So this is her way to tell you that she doesn’t like you. She doesn’t want friendship, she just can’t tell you “No”.

Being Late for a Date
Women tend to be late for dates. In this case, there might be 2 main reasons. The first is because women really have difficulties to be ready on time. They might stand for hours in front of the mirror, choosing what to wear. However, another reason is because they do that on purpose.

They are late to be the stronger side, and make you that one who is more interested that she is. What can you do about it? You can be also late for a date. What I usually do, is arriving on time. If she is late, I don’t call her, I just go and take a walk in the area, check the shops, whatever. When she arrives eventually, it will take me a few minutes to meet her.

Anyway, the case here is not to be needy. She is late? You will be late too.

Being “Busy”
Women want to show us that they are busy. They might not answer you phone calls sometimes. Or forget about things. Or not be available to meet you because she has other plans.

This is also done to make you attracted and not to be “easy to get”. If a girl does it to you, so do the same. Don’t answer her calls and call back a few hours later.

Not having Sex for a Long Time
Some women do this because of their fears and because it’s difficult for them to open emotionally and have sex with a new men.

Many others have just read dating manuals for women, where it is suggested to hold sex as much as possible to increase the man’s attraction and commitment.

It took me time to think how to deal with this situation – The girl doesn’t agree to have sex. My solution is to show the women that you have other options. Increase her attraction by using what is called “Pre-Selection. Tell your girl that you are meeting with one of your female friends. Don’t say anything about sex – just make her suspect that you are having sex with her.

When this happens, she will want to have sex with. Just make her jealeaus and afraid of losing you.

Taking you Shopping
During all parts of the relationship, women will try to take you to do things you don’t like. She wants to take you shopping? Tell her to call her female friends.

Using Sex as her Power
Women are taught by society that they have the power, because men need sex and they can live without it.

This is wrong, women want and need sex too. If she uses sex against you, do the same. If she didn’t want sex, she wouldn’t be looking for a man.

Don’t be angry at women Manipulating you
Accept the fact that women will manipulate you, especially in the beginning of the relationship. It’s normal, and in many cases it happens subconsciously. She doesn’t intend to do this. Just learn to recognize those manipulations and deal with them carefully.

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