• 3
  • 15 hr
  • Touring

Cast and Crew


This aerial show is scheduled to be played outdoors or indoors (+ 15m).(+30m outdoor)

It combines acrobatics, aerial dance and : atmospheric effects (smoke, bubbles, confetti).

The use of specific structures “bubble®” gives artists movements, a unique poetry, as a zero gravity flight in which the different effects of light seal the magical aspect.

A Simple form with one aerial artist , 2 ground technicians, a performance from 6 to 15 min renewable 3 times with different acrobatic technical (gyroscopic harness, fabric, rope) with or without the helium gas supply 

The bubble and all our équipement travel in a 170x70x140cm flycase  (180kg)

The performance can be personalized or include the staging of your event (1-5 bubbles) day or night.

“Bulle” or “Bubble” is an exclusive creation of the company “Deus ex machina”
Aerial evolution of an artist under a Helium transparent sphère or balloon 
Legal international deposit: ®Bulle.2009 Armen firm associated saint Nazaire-FRANCE


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