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Alice in CircusLand

by Yes Ma'am Circus United States , Chicago since 2021
  • 9
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • Fixed-Location

Cast and Crew


Alice in Wonderland, with circus! We blend text from the original book with a rich, baroque aesthetic, creating a lush and surreal dream world. Projections, illusions, and dynamic circus arts come together in for a fun take on a classic.

Cast and Crew:

Alice & Director: Amancay Kugler

White Rabbit: Maggie Karlin

Caterpillar: Camille Swift

Cheshire Cat: Ellen DeSitter

Mad Hatter: Scott M Priz

Queen of Hearts: Kristi Alyssa

King of Hearts: Matthew Kugler

Jack of Hearts: Luke Greefe

Hedgehog: Kai Chin

Light Design: Ted Naz


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