Artariff - Best Return to 1920s

by Adrienn Banhegyi Hungary since 2017
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ARTtariff is the creation of 4 acknowledged artists from Hungary, who have been touring the world for more than a decade. 

After performing with Cirque du Soleil, and numerous other high profile companies, they gathered plenty of experiences, not only on the stage but behind the scenes as well! 
They started working together in order to provide high quality artistic services to their local community,  later on the group expanded to national and international level! 

ARTariff aims at creating customised performances, pretentious appearances for their clients,  ranging from corporate events, theatre plays, dinner shows and sport programs – they are ready to bring extraordinary entertainment. 

“Fair with Arts”  stays in focus during all their productions – taking care of the customers and the artists at the best possible way is inevitable! 

We love to set the bar high!


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    • Adrienn Banhegyi - Individual - Hungary - CircusTalk
      ARTariff - Best Return to the 1920s! ARTariff has started with four excellent artists, former World and European Champions from Hungary with the goal to combine talents, and continue to entertain the audience with their new creation! 1920s proved to be the favourite theme of the group, and they decided to take the spectators to a very special trip around this era. Enjoy watching our video!
    • Adrienn Banhegyi - Individual - Hungary - CircusTalk
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      Artariff - Best Return to 1920s