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an ecstatic ballet

Eventually gravity is good, we all know that a body thrown in the air inevitably will fall to the ground, but the curve, the curve is everything! that’s what who beat his life, which determines the fleeting moment; just after his ascension, just before his fall … The space of an infinitely short time that the body seems still and speedless, it is this moment that the “Atom” show invites you to live.

The use of specific structures “Illuminated graphic bubble®” gives artists movements, a unique poetry, as a zero gravity flight in which the different effects of light seal the magical aspect.

A Simple form with one aerial artist , 2 ground technicians, a performance from 6 to 15 min renewable 3 times with different acrobatic technical (gyroscopic harness, fabric, rope) with or without the helium gas supply

The bubble and all our équipement travel in a 200x70x140cm flycase  (180kg)

The performance can be personalized or include the staging of your event (1-5 bubbles) day or night.

“Atom” or “Bubble” is an exclusive creation of the company “Deus ex machina”
Aerial evolution of an artist under a Helium transparent sphère or balloon 
Legal international deposit: ®Bulle.2009 Armen firm associated saint Nazaire-FRANCE



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