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« BAKÉKÉ » is an amusing study in the manipulation of buckets.

This show is coproduced by:

ARCAOS, Pôle National des Arts du Cirque Méditerranée / Groupe Geste / Ville de Billom / Théâtre de Bézier (FRANCE)

Bakéké is inspired by the performer’s quest for authenticity, both in the unique technique, the body language and sincerity of the character.

Inspired also by a research into the repetition of gestures, perseverance and non-verbal modes of communication.

The optimism of the character,  simple and generous, pushes him to take responsibility for his mistakes and failure becomes a starting point towards new and other experiences.

By the simplicity inherent to the art of the clown, the show is able to bring the public, a priori made up of « normal » people, to enter in the strange world of a different kind of thinking and brain.

A space free from judgments give birth to an impromptu of poetry, a moment of levity and sharing with those from every culture through the universal language of clowning.

And this is the primary goal of the artist to connect directly to within each audience member, independent of cultural codes. Is not this, moreover, the social function of the clown, throwing off what divides us to plunge into a human unity, thus discovering our deep resemblance to one another?


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