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Cast and Crew


A spectacular, poetic, and thought provoking contemporary circus performance for a forest, an audience, and five performing artists.

Co-produced by DYNAMO Workspace  


AVAILABLE for TOURING in EUROPE - 2023 / 2024


Played site-specifically in and with your local forest, BARK is about reconnecting with each other and with nature. The forest, the soil and the trees are the main characters of the performance, and co-create the piece together with the performers, climate scientists and outside eyes. 

We combine a physical expression of group acrobatics, vertical dance, dance and physical theatre with contemporary soundscapes and poetic text, all performed up in, between, with and around the trees. Through being nature, reconnecting, and living utopia, we aim to convey a sensory experience that can change perspectives on our human natures, as a part of the biosphere.

​Hanging from a branch twenty meters over the ground creates an immediate image of our co-dependence on nature. 

BARK deals with climate change and the possibility of social change. Sustainability is essential in the whole process and our working methods, and we are primarily touring the performance by bike / train / sustainable traveling only (no flying policy).

The methods of Acting for Climate builds largely upon interdisciplinary research out in nature, and collaborations between climate scientists and artists. BARK is created and performed by five performing artists with backgrounds in contemporary circus, dance, physical theatre and music, with the forest as our common frame. With a multitude of artistic expressions, and the texture, smell and sounds of the forest, the performance has a broad appeal that can be experienced with all senses.

Our research period in October 2020 put the base of the performance. Now, we are ready to develop the material of the pre-project to the experience that BARK can become: a spectacular, poetic, and thought provoking contemporary circus performance, where the surroundings and the performance gives an experience for both all senses, and the heart.



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