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It is the result of Alexander Weibel Weibel´s artistic research during the masters in “New Performative Practices” at the Stockholm University of the Arts (DOCH).

Mainly (but not only) through the slack rope, “BREAKING POINT” explores the tension created in certain situations due to expectations and people’s relation to the used materials, riggings or just everyday objects. A performance where most of props are built on stage, with the audience` s help and then tested until they break. Audience is also moved around stage, and asked to be as close as they dare.

The proposal is simple and there are no tricks with the lighting or sound. The idea is that the materials speak for themselves and that what the audience sees is what it is, no more. The paper is real paper, the fishing line is just fishing line and the fire is real fire. Breaking point is thought for an indoor quiet space and can be adapted to different lengths and formats depending on space and budget agreements. It can be presented in English, Spanish, Swedish and maybe French. It has a fast setup if floor rigging points are available. If not 4x400kg weights on a half pallet must be provided. One power outlet is also needed.


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