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by Les Foutoukours Canada since 2015
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Cast and Crew


The Show
Every production of Les Foutoukours is inspired by a precise style of clown acting: Italian for The Bros, Russian for Kombini and American for Brotipo. The show was created in 2015 in Switzerland under the big top of L’association l’Alchimie. The company desired to represent the magical, festive and intimate atmosphere of a big top in one show that can perform in any kind of venue and site.


It’s not always easy to work in pairs! The art of giving a chance to the other and collaborating when the right time comes is what the Brotipo will have to learn! Two clowns who touch and make laugh through their quarrels, their acrobatics and their lonely moments. A show filled with handstands, diabolo and a hand-to-hand act that will make you sing and dance with them! Hilarious and comical, that’s Brotipo, for the young and old!


+ 250 000 Spectators

15 countries visited

+ 200 Shows


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