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Following their acclaimed production of Ethiopian Dreams, the incredible 12-strong Ethiopian group returns with their brand-new show “Tulu”.

Circus Abyssinia’s second production is INSPIRED BY ETHIOPIAN OLYMPIC LEGEND, DERARTU TULU. Celebrating the true tale of an Ethiopian icon, charting her rise from humble beginnings to become the first African woman to win Olympic gold, the show sees jaw-dropping dazzling display of speed, skill including Fire Juggling, Russian Swing and Contortion.

Co-founded and produced by Bibi Tesfamariam and Bichu Tesfamariam, who also directs, the 12-strong troupe will showcase incredible talent. There is contortion and roller-skating from Etsegenet Ashenafi and Semeret Getachew, alongside aerial flight from Daniel Amera. Joining them are hoop-divers and Russian swing artists Cherenet Dereje and Alemayehu Mulugeta, who perform awe- inspiring stunts with the youngest members of the troupe, Dagmawi Fekeru and Alemayehu Mulugeta also performs Hand vaulting act with Befekadu Esmael and Betelhem Dejene leads the troupe in stunning displays of hand-vaulting and synchronised acrobatics.

Celebrating the true tale of an Ethiopian Olympic icon, Derartu Tulu, this is an unmissable showcase of superhuman strength. A blend of breath-taking contortion, awe-inspiring acrobatics, and mesmerising fire-juggling with a rocking, exuberant soundtrack.


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