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Follow your vision, quell your fears, realize your dreams, fly like a bird, risk the impossible. Cirque Orchestra is a surreal fable, a rite of passage of a rebel musician who suddenly deserts his orchestra and wanders into a realm of infinite possibilities. There, he encounters a band of cavorting acrobats who entice him further and further into their phantasmagorical world. Our hero, a sort of Icarus with a violin, decides to risk burning his wings if it means fulfilling his desire to fly. And so he pursues his vision through the labyrinth of his dreams. Circus and dance (the arts of risk and perfection) and music (the art of balance and beauty) create a poetry of the ethereal and a celebration of childhood and freedom. Immerse yourself in a giddily intoxicating environment featuring high-flying hijinks, enchanting music, twirling dancers, and magical lighting. Like a child coping with the strangeness of his dreams, you’ll slowly attempt to tame this startling yet seductive world of fantasy. Once you’ve delved deeply into your creative spirit, danced with your inner muse, reached a state of near grace, you won’t want to turn back. Cirque Éloize invites you to seek out beauty, quench your thirst for the absolute, and go beyond any limitations you’ve set for yourself. Cirque Orchestra is a one-way ticket for a spellbinding journey through your own unbridled imagination.


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