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CURRENTS: The worldwide sailing tour 

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Sustainable Touring | Multidisciplinary Performance

On tour from 2024 until 2027


Currents is a 3 years-long worldwide sailing tour combining art and environmental action.

Currents has at its core sustainability, love for nature, and contemporary circus techniques.

With a main team of 5 travelling artists onboard of our sailing vessel, we stop in harbours around the world where we team up with local artists, environmentalists, activists and scientists. In this bigger group, we share artistic methods and techniques, explore future sustainable pathways for the territories we are in and those we come from, and create a performance that shakes the souls and drives the audience to action.

Our vision and aim

The theme of the tour is sustainable solutions for the climate and ecological crises. The encounter of the travelling artists with the local groups is the setting where local and global environmental challenges are discussed. The group delves into the most pressing socio-environmental issues for the locals, explores already existing local solutions and comes up with new good practices inspired by different views and knowledge of positive solutions. Such practices and ideas are then enacted or represented in the performance and possibly brought further by the international collaboration of the travelling group of artists with the locals.


The travelling artists meet with local artists groups and activists to share artistic methods and ideas and work together for two weeks prior to the performance. The outcome is a performance created in a on site-specific collaboration which merges different artistic and cultural perspectives and traditions.
The performance has a format and a nature that enables and invites the local artists to take part in the performance by integrating their own scenes/acts and group acts. A full version of the performance is 50 min.

The performance is site specific and can be played at different interesting venues, such as a local special landmark, in the outskirts of a forest, a ruin, on the pier, a community square, a local circus place, a theater entry or a local tallship.

More information: https://www.actingforclimate.com/currents


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