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Dance and Circus for All

by Caroline Calouche and Co. United States , Charlotte 2020-2020
  • 12
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • Fixed-Location

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Live broadcasts happen in comedy like SNL and news all the time.  Why not the performing arts?  Caroline Calouche and 12 brave dance and circus artists accept the challenge to create a memorable show about authenticity, perseverance and humanity.  Caroline Calouche & Co. (CC&Co.) will perform live at the Charlotte Cirque & Dance Center’s theatre while audiences virtually view the show on November 21 at 7 Pm EST & November 22 at 1 PM EST.

 “We want to keep creating and giving opportunities to professional artists. With grant support from our local arts council, we are able to take this leap into the unknown of creating works in a hybrid setting (remote and in-person) and challenge the artists and production team to create a show that feels live for the audience.”

“Dance and Circus for All'' showcases a nationwide collaboration for the 7 new works and a featured solo by 93-year old Atlanta acrobat Steve Seaberg. Susan Voyticky, who has professional experience in the U.S and Japan, performs on the Cyr Wheel, and Charlotte-born Irania Garcia, now based in Pittsburgh, will perform a contemporary ballet solo about how people are quick to judge based on how she looks.  Local Charlotte artists include Caroline Calouche, AJ Glasco, Chance LeVan, Carolina Quirós Otárola and Sarah Small.  Contemporary dance, aerial hoop, aerial rope, hip-hop and much more are featured in ‘Dance & Circus For All’.

Don’t miss the chance to see this collaborative, immersive experience!


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