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Ezerarcú Szépasszony

by one-thousand-faces Hungary since 2021
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  • 54 min
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“Writing 1000 words cannot do justice to fully describing the purity and core of your creation. You bring a profound and sacral-like dimension to your performance that is mesmerising. One Thousand Faces - a collective soul, with which your bring sisterhood to us in its most pure, organic and raw essence”
The Jury Of Cyrkulacje 2021

One Thousand Faces indulge in the internal and external contrasts of the female role through the revival of the legendary Hungarian fairytale, Ezeracú Szépasszony and the language of Contemporary Circus. Be absorbed into the ‘other’ world, the land of dreams, and be hypnotised by the combination of contemporary aerial dance, physical theatre and the drawing on mythological symbols. Inspired by ancient shamanistic traditions, witchcraft and the current position of the female existence, this piece carries elements of the ancient feminine role and the paradoxes inherent in them. 

“The Goddess With One Thousand Faces” is a metaphor of the unbridled power in every woman that manifests in as many ways as we are."

Creators, performers: Georgina Cassels, Marta Matovelle, Dorottya Podmaniczky, Reka Zetelaki

Music: Anna Bagi

Dramaturge: Emily Aoibheann

Supported by the National Cultural Fund Hungary, Facing The Fish New Generation Program of Artus, Creation Aerial Ireland

Premiered 3-4 July 2021 at Artus Studio Budapest


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