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Cast and Crew


Floreo is a show that tells the story of four women who have left their mark on

their passage on this earth. Every woman has managed to make her dream come true and dreams are the engine of life, the ones that allow us to accomplish never-before-seen feats, to discover, to be passionate about, to fight.

In each of us there is the possibility of changing things, whether they are small changes in one's life or which are decisive for the whole of society.

We just have to find the courage to act and these women can be inspiring for us.

It is a contemporary circus show that uses the techniques of aerial acrobatics (aerial silk and static trapeze), rou cyr and stilts to represent each woman, each with her own temperament,

each with its experiential baggage and emotions.


Representative place: Outside (can be evaluated indoors)

Ideal audience: Families

Show duration: 40 min

Stage space: Width 8m, Depth 13m.

Stage space that can also be adapted to other spaces, to be evaluated.

Free space in height: 7m

Power connection: Yes, 3 Kw single-phase

Technical requirements:

Scenic space free from any hindrance

Siae at your expense

Presence of rooms used as a dressing room:

Preferable, at least one bathroom available

Assembly time: 2 1/2 hours

Disassembly time: 1 1/2 hours

Other: preferably smooth, flat and uniform soil.

Possibility of arriving on site

of the show with a car.

Number of artists: 1

Number of technicians: 1


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