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French is Beautiful

by DUO ACROPOLE France since 2016
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  • 45 hr
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You are invited to enter the world of two talented artists, in which a subtle blend of grace, strength, flexibility and agility proves that poetry can become acrobatics.
Together they form a matching and captivating duo.
This ode to the beauty of the body in motion will arouse your emotions.
Touring the world, these two acrobats perform on cruise ships, in casinos, TV shows, galas and prestigious cabarets.
Their performance was rewarded with a moving passage on the famous and legendary stage at the Olympia in Paris, as well as the France’s Got Talent.
French is Beautiful :
This show is a true tribute to the beauty of France.
French art is an inexhaustible breeding ground : the art of French chanson, the beauty of his texts, the richness of his music, and the art of his poetry.
The Duo Acropole offers "France and Love", a sober, moving, powerful and very elegant show. Because they are proud to be French.
Eric and Marie put down their acrobatics in Blue - White - Red, like a note of music on a velvet voice that sings love.
No ! France has not lost its grace ...
We are love ...
We are the life ...
We are French !


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