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Garden of flames

by Jelena Stanojević Portugal since 2017
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The performance “Garden of Flames” combines puppetry and elements of a contemporary circus in a unique way, more precisely juggling with fire. Using rich experience in puppet design and making, as well as with the different skills of the new circus, artists Jelena Stanojević and Filip Jevtić have developed original flaming puppets that will take viewers into a mystical and volatile world of darkness and fire. Using optical and technical illusions, the puppets seem to be manipulating fire props such as fire orb, fans, hula hoop, etc. The authors are also performers, beings from the ashes, from whose embrace the flame that awakens the dark garden. The original music that accompanies the non-verbal performance was composed specially for it, and it is synchronized with the motions on the stage. The storyline unravels slowly while the main character Okira, the hostess of the garden, lights flaming flowers around the lotus flower, which is a connection or portal for invitation of all other characters that will appear. The fire butterfly is a pollinator, sows fire and spreads joy. The flaming garden is also visited by Dungi, an African dancer with fire hula hoop, who competes with Okira with her skills. The harmony is destroyed when the fire bird finds a way to shut down all the flaming beauty and manage to drag Okira into a cage, leaving only a spark of fire in her garden. The salvation can arrive only from herself, an older, wiser and more experienced version of her. This magic journey ends with the embrace of the creature from the ashes, when the circle closes. Is it an ordinary night, one of many in a row? Or the whole life cycle, which lasts one day for a butterfly, and half a century for a phoenix bird, how long does it need to rise from the ashes again? The answer is in every spectator who is ready to indulge in the magic of fire and be guided through this unusual theatrical experience, together with the puppets on the stage.

Rider list

8m x 8m outdoor stage space (grass or ground)
PA system with sound mixer
Two stage reflectors with light mixer


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