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Hands some Feet is a dynamic and fresh contemporary circus show, seamlessly combining the mastery of juggling and tightwire. Complemented by innovative acrobatics, physical theatre, skipping ropes and live music from the unique instruments of Australia and Finland.

The piece is made by Liisa Näykki (FI) and Jeromy Zwick (AU/CH) and is powered by their unconditional passion to create together. Through its peculiar body language the show makes the audience chuckle for the special alliance of humankind. Inspiration for the show is from a word found only in the Finnish language: Hepuli. Hepuli means to have a negative or positive burst of emotion, that even the most civilised great ape can not withstand. This duo serves a universal interpretation of young couples under the spell of hepuli.

“All-in-all, the performance was a wonderful and entertaining experience with incredible feats of acrobatics, juggling and coordinated skills.” ★★★★½  —FringeFeed 2018

“The couple work perfectly in harmony together and eventually end up combining their skill sets together in an artful way that looks stunning.” ★★★★½ -The Fourth Wall

“The ease with which they twist, turn and weave in and out of one another’s ropes will both bring you joy and leave you gobsmacked”
★★★★ -The West Australian

”The whole performance is a refreshing and uplifting cool breeze, a spritzer for the soul.”
-Alicia Smith, Australian Theatre and Live Performance Reviews 


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