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Step into the world of KID, where life is sprints, walks, a trips in constant circles. The twelve performers bring rings, clubs, diabolos, aerial hoop, straps, rope, trapeze, dance acrobatics, cyr wheel, partner acrobatics, and dance together in a playful, questioning, and dizzying experience for all. When the steps slow and the light dims, what comes out from the door?


Directed by Francesco Sgro, KID began as Codarts Circus Art’s class of 2020 third year group show. With a hunger to step further into professional work, and abundant praise after the show’s premier in Den Haag, the group took up the name of IC3 Collective. 


See updates from the tour to Czech Republic, Italy, and Gent in the summer of 2019 at: https://www.instagram.com/ic4_collective/


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