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Kombini is inspired by Russian clown tradition and integrates circus techniques: juggling, hand to hand, handstands. Based on a series of acts extracted from the daily life of two exuberant clowns, the show brings the adult crowd to think of their own life routine while laughing to the duo’s immoderation. Kombini reaches this crowd by exposing the goals that everybody cherishes to an unattainable point: love, friendship, work, success, and health. Dear adult, this show is dedicated to you.

A truly unique theatrical circus experience like no other!


Two clowns struggle to change their day-to-day life.
Exasperated of waiting for the biggest international theaters’ call, they decide to accept the unthinkable contract... a children’s birthday.

Their life is then revealed to you.
An exuberant appearance often hides a disturbing sensitivity. While the laughter bursts, their distress swells slowly.
In their quest of fame, will they manage to be loved?


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