La Rencontre

by Jordi L. Vidal Belgium , Brussels since 2016
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  • 25 hr
  • Fixed-Location

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“La Rencontre” (the encounter) it is an original, visual and dynamic show that combines acrobatics, dance and physical theatre. Love, friendship, rivalry, jealousy, seduction, support…the subject of this project is the diversity of our encounters in everyday life: between men, between women, between women and men.

This creation is composed of interconnected tableaux / scenes. The show has an intinerant and / or static form depending on the performance space.

It’s available in different formulas between 5 and 50 minutes (with 2 or 3 or 4 performers), is suitable for indoor and outdoor performances, can be played several times a day and has a very easy technical rider.

La Rencontre has enormous international appeal for all ages because of its universality, lack of text and current affairs topic: from schools to general public.

We can receive support for our travel expenses from WBI – Wallonie Bruxelles International or Brussels Export.


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