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Even though human beings began as nomads, nowadays it is almost unthinkable to move. Stillness changed our essence and now we have extended our roots. Even so, from time to time, circumstances push us to travel, to move from one place to another. Curiosity, boredom, violence and fear are some of the reasons that make us pack a representation of our home in the bag and throw ourselves into the void.
Human roots are made of traditions, memories, concepts, feelings ... Our life does not depend on them, for they are not an organ but an idea, something intangible to which we have clung to, something that binds us to a place and gives us a sensation of belonging. In the uprooting we discover that, despite being imaginary, our roots weigh a ton. Without them, we would be ethereal. But man is not meant to fly and it is necessary to take root again. Finding a fertile land is complex, for the soil where our roots grow is not geological. It is in the framework of sincere affections where these settle and fill with peace the human being who grows with them. Fortunately, we are a perpetual garden of feelings.


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